Sara Spielman

School Selection Interface

This is a prototype I designed for a tool aimed at helping families determine which local schools are the best fit for their child. The San Francisco Unified School District has 76 elementary schools, 13 middle schools, and 14 high schools, all with different curriculum offerings, dual language programs, test scores, start times, sizes, etc. Locating and assessing all of the data associated with the schools is a cumbersome task, so I created this prototype of an online tool that would streamline the process. I created a set of questions to assess parents' preferences for school characteristics. The responses would be used to determine the closest fitting school for the family responding.

I also created a data visualization to present to each family based on its responses to the preceding questions. The graphic would show the top 20 recommended schools for the family, along with the key school characteristics preferred by the family. I used different opacities and heights to illustrate the suitability of each school based on the responses provided. The ultimate goal of the tool is to reduce the amount of time and resources invested into identifying appropriate schools across the city.

I created the map outline of San Francisco using the curvature tool in Adobe Illustrator. I used a combination of typefaces with the goal of conveying a contemporary, academic aesthetic.