Sara Spielman

Heard for The New School of San Francisco

This is a branding and website design project I completed for the New School of San Francisco's parent/teacher social media platform, Heard. The school previously had a social media platform, Taproot, that was unable to continue due to lack of funding. In order to prevent the loss of two school years' worth of digital communication within the school community, it was decided to maintain the platform through community resources and to establish a new name, Heard, for the platform. I designed a logo, provided vector illustration, redesigned the website landing page and platform page, and provided website photography. The team wanted an energetic, cheerful aesthetic. In response to these preferences, I designed a multicolored palette with the different colors representing different perspectives being heard. To further emphasize the value of being heard, I incorporated ears into the logo and speech bubbles throughout the site.

Various logos and favicons I proposed for the Heard branding are shown. The logo at the top left with ears that bookend the text was the final logo chosen. Other logos included a sound wave, and ear to replace the letter D in the word heard, a megaphone, and an emphasis on the letters e, a, and r in the word heard.

My original sketch of the speech bubbles for the Heard branding is shown. I created this at the starting point of the project, when various versions of the brand name were being discussed. I used the bubbles across the branding of the project, incorporating them throughout the website.

Heard Speech Bubbles.jpg