Sara Spielman

Educational Consulting Branding

An educational consulting startup, Global EdSpace, hired me for the branding and identity of the company. Shown are the various logos and business cards I designed. We looked at various images online to determine the aesthetic the business owner wanted to create. After additionally discussing the company's values, I created the designs shown. For some of the logos, I created the representation of a compound fraction on a flashcard to incorporate the academic focus. In others, I focused on the use of circles to emphasize the global aspect of the company's services.

A prototype I designed for the website landing page is shown, including photos I took at a local charter school after hours with some of its students. I focused on capturing photos that showed the exploratory, STEM/Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math emphasis of the consulting business.

IMG_4577 (1).jpg
IMG_4361 (2).jpg